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RushTap was started as a way to bring the recruitment process into the digital age. RushTap started at one chapter at one school. Throughout their time in Greek life, the founders of RushTap became frustrated with the many obstacles and bottlenecks that would occur throughout the recruitment process. The options that existed were either not meant for recruitment or didn't solve the underlying problems at hand. Knowing what the true issues, constraints, and problems that existed with traditional recruitment, the founders went to work to make a system for greeks by greeks that would be the true solution and a true help.

RushTap is geared towards helping organizations and recruits better communicate during the rush process. RushTap works by moving what has traditionally been an archaic and old-fashioned paper and pen process online. Our goal is to make the recruitment process more efficient by giving users a unique set of features and tools so they can improve their current recruitment.

RushTap is not inherently a new recruitment strategy, but a useful recruitment tool to use along with your chapter's own values, missions, and goals. RushTap allows users to spend less time having to deal with logistics so they are able to spend more time doing what really matters during recruitment. RushTap gives both rushes and brothers an enhanced experience during the recruitment process, streamlining door check-ins, brother commenting and voting, event management, rush communication, and more. Instead of copying poor handwriting from paper to paper, all information is kept on secure servers. Instead of spending hours restlessly into the night with everyone packed into a room, members can simultaneously or separately leave feedback and share their opinions as freely as they wish. Instead of sending out letters and communication delays, messages can be sent instantly to inboxes and cell phones at a moment's notice. RushTap creates a more engaging recruitment process for members, fraternities, and recruits. All these features, and many more, help to alleviate a lot of the constraints chapters currently face so they can be the best they can.

RushTap started as a tool for one chapter at one school, and has quickly grown nationwide. Along the way, RushTap has kept to it's mission of helping organizations have a more personal and engaging recruitment process by engaging its users in a personal way. Suggestions for new features, along with immediate customer support, are paramount to the RushTap philosophy of being able to use technology to be able to spend more time engaging in a personal way.

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