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Door Manager

No more pen and paper, or even Excel! Recruits sign in to RushTap at the door and add a picture and profile.

  • Built-in picture taker ensures no more manual picture taking.
  • Once a recruit signs in, his profile is saved forever.


Tired of flyering? Send mass emails and text messages to all recruits at once or small groups. Immediately contact the recruits you want with no hassle.

  • All accounts come with free unlimited email messaging to recruits, and free text messages to sweeten the deal.
  • Each recruit gets a universal account the first time they visit a house using RushTap. This account tracks their status within your fraternity, as well as any profile updates they make.

Brother Involvement

Brothers can vote on recruits, add comments from a web browser, and stay engaged throughout the process.

  • Each brother gets a unique account to sign in.
  • A simple invite code allows you to get your entire organization online with almost no effort.
  • A structured, but simple, user heirarchy gives your leadership the ability to moderate the recruitment process online.
  • Brothers can login from anywhere, at any time, and see the current status of the recruitment process.
  • Brothers can view pictures of recruits, see key profile information, write comments, and even give a thumbs up to recruits they liked.


Create public events for all recruits and keep private events limited to only those you invite. A simple interface lets you know exactly what is going on.

Informal Recruiting

Track prospective recruits easily before they even get to your house. All brothers can add prospects and share them with the group.


All information is private. Your information will not be shared with the university, other fraternities, or recruits.

  • All data is hosted on a central server, which means you dont have to worry about system compatability, viruses, updates, or even who's computer you're using.
  • Our team has over a decade of experience in web technology.
  • User authentication details are safely hashed, so no one (not even us) can access them.

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